My grandmother was the oldest of 7 kids, born on a family farm in Shanghai. Yes, farms made up most of Shanghai back then. Her father, my great-grandfather, was a master homechef who taught only his sons the most complicated family recipes (think peking duck etc).  When my grandmother married my grandfather, who didn’t cook (quite unusual in Shanghai), my grandmother taught herself to cook simpler versions of her childhood dishes. Then when my mom married my dad, who also didn’t cook, and immigrated to the middle of Wyoming, she really had to improvise on family recipes. Asian grocery store? HA, that was a 7 hour drive.

Now there’s me. I love the taste of asian food having grown up with it and luckily I also found joy in cooking. The prep work, however, was and is something I continually find boring. Between a full time stressful job and being a good spouse, I just don’t have the time nor patience for recipes that require a lot of prep.  At first I felt guilty about skimping on the whole “homemade” process by using store bought broth powders and other shortcuts, but now, I’ve embraced them.  So if you are here looking for hand rolled dough recipes, then I’ll tell you now this ain’t the place for you. But if you are here because you crave pork buns but are too lazy to make the dough and too cheap to pay the delivery fees, then you’ve found your new blog.

I’ll also be sharing simple recipes from other sources that I love to make on my lazy days.